Jan 1, 2024
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The Brief

L&BUD, a leader from the picturesque region of Zakarpattia in Ukraine in the distribution of building materials, stands at the confluence of quality and innovation within the construction industry. Recognizing the need to translate its physical reputation into the digital realm, L&BUD partnered with H&F-Studio to embark on a transformative journey. The goal was not merely to establish an online presence but to create a digital ecosystem that mirrors the company's commitment to excellence and innovation.

The Solution
  • Brand Identity Creation: H&F-Studio meticulously crafted a brand identity and logo that resonate with L&BUD's ethos, establishing a strong visual foundation that communicates the company's values of durability, reliability, and excellence.
  • Iterative Website Development: Through an iterative design and development process, H&F-Studio created a website that epitomizes clarity, ease of navigation, and an intuitive display of products. Advanced CMS features were integrated to streamline product management, enhancing the user experience by offering efficient filtering and categorization.
  • Dedicated Brand Pages: To spotlight the contributions of partners like Creaton, Galeco, and Velux, individual brand pages were designed. These pages serve as a testament to L&BUD's collaborative spirit and its commitment to showcasing the best in the industry.
  • Balancing Technical and Aesthetic Elements: The website is a symphony of technical functionality and aesthetic elegance, optimized for technical SEO to ensure a robust digital footprint. This balance ensures L&BUD's online presence is as commanding as its physical market presence.
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The digital transformation of L&BUD has been met with overwhelming positive feedback from both the company and its clientele. The website not only bridges the digital-physical divide but does so in a manner that elevates L&BUD's brand identity. It has become a platform that not only showcases products but tells the story of L&BUD's commitment to quality and innovation in the construction industry.

This project exemplifies H&F-Studio's dedication to merging innovative design with practical functionality. Through our collaboration with L&BUD, we have not only narrated their story but also laid down the digital groundwork for their future growth, ensuring their leadership in the construction materials industry continues to flourish in the digital age.


The collaboration between L&BUD and H&F-Studio represents a milestone in digital innovation for the construction industry. By creating a digital ecosystem that reflects L&BUD's core values and industry leadership, H&F-Studio has paved the way for a future where digital and physical realms coalesce seamlessly, driving forward L&BUD's mission of delivering quality and innovation..


H&F-Studio exceeded our expectations by creating not just a website, but a comprehensive digital identity for L&BUD that reflects our strength and reliability. Their work has provided us with a powerful tool for presenting our products, highly praised by our clients for its intuitiveness and ease of use.

Vitaliy Lohoyda