Apr 25, 2024
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The Brief

Hilmi.Studio, a tech-driven fashion startup, approached us to shape their digital image. Our task was clear: create a brand identity, color palette, Webflow website design, illustrations, and graphics that match their cutting-edge AI fashion tool.

The Solution
  • Brand Identity and Visual Concept: We developed a versatile brand identity system that includes visual elements combining fashion items with technical drawing details like lines and dots to represent garment tech packs. These visuals clearly illustrate the startup’s concept.
  • Landing Page Design: We created and implemented a Webflow landing page that serves as the face of Hilmi.Studio. It catches visitors' attention with its clear message and engaging illustration, inviting creators to learn more and to become early users of their upcoming app.
  • Illustrations and Graphics: We produced a comprehensive set of illustrations that go beyond just clothing items to include graphic overlays on images of people. This translates the technical aspects of fashion design into a visual language that underscores the startup’s innovative approach..

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Although it’s too early for outcomes, the launch itself has been successful. The landing page has started to attract the community of creators that Hilmi.Studio aims to serve. It's the starting point for them to share their ideas and gather a user base interested in incorporating AI into fashion design.


Our collaboration with Hilmi.Studio is centered on creating a narrative that resonates with fashion innovators. As they continue to develop their app, we’ve laid the groundwork for engaging with the creative community, hinting at the potential AI has to transform fashion. The journey has only just begun, but the interest we’re generating is the first step towards a future where fashion design is more integrated with technology.


"Working with Oleksandr on our startup's landing page was an outstanding experience. His work is not only of exceptional quality but also delivered with remarkable speed. Oleksandr's approach is both professional and personable, making the entire process a pleasure. We are definitely looking forward to collaborating with him again in the future and would highly recommend him to anyone looking to elevate their brand identity. Oleksandr truly transforms visions into vibrant realities."

Hebron Daniel